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Lithium Energy Japan CSR Policy

Besides legal compliance, we respect international norms, guidelines, and initiatives related to social responsibility, work on sustainable development of our business through developing energy storage technologies, and contribute to people, society, and global environment.

  • 1. Developing fair, transparent, and sound business, and anti- corruption
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN conducts a transparent business policy which aims to earn the trust of customers, business partners, shareholders, and of local communities as a top priority. And to adhere to laws and regulations of each country and region. Furthermore, we address to prevent any kind of corruption, will not tolerate any illegal political contribution, bribery of public officials, and will not have relationships with personnel or organizations of organized crime
  • 2.Respect for human rights
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN will respect all human rights and labor rights, and will not tolerate any forced labor or child labor. Diversity will be respected, without any discrimination being tolerated.
  • 3.Conservation and improvement of adequate working environment
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN will provide safe and comfortable working environments for anyone who works for LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN. Proper management will be provided in order to promote mid to long-term development of human resources.
  • 4.Fulfillment of our responsibilities to provide safe and secure products and services
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN ensures the safety and quality of products/services to the end of their lifecycle throughout manufacturing. Furthermore, LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN honest provides clear safety information for all products/services.
  • 5.Global environmental conservation
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN addresses to prevent pollution, and to mitigate climate change, and to establish a sound material-cycle society through using sustainable resources.
  • 6.Building better relationships with local communities
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN will contribute to sound and sustainable development of local communities through building better relationships with their local communities.
  • 7.Ensuring social responsibility within our supply chain
    LITHIUM ENERGY JAPAN will promote actions to ensure social responsibility within our supply chain.
Toshiyuki Aoyama
Lithium Energy Japan

Lithium Energy Japan CSR Code of Conduct

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