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Lithium Energy Japan was founded in December 2007 following the merger of three companies: GS Yuasa International Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. It specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of large lithium-ion batteries.

As the world moves to a low-carbon economy, the necessity for clean energy becomes ever greater. EVs and PHEVs play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions. And the key to their development lies in safe, effective, compact and highly efficient lithium-ion batteries.

By leading the way in the mass production of large lithium-ion batteries, we have contributed to the pioneering introduction of environmentally-friendly cars to the market. While currently working to ensure that, above all else, customers are provided with reliable products that inspire confidence, we are also doing everything possible to lower our prices.

Now, of course, the possibilities for lithium-ion batteries are not merely limited to EVs and PHEVs. We have recently seen them used in energy regeneration systems in new transportation systems and the railway sector. We have also seen their presence in new energy systems based on solar and wind power. Our mission is one of creating a "future society" where our eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries support everyday life all across town. In order to achieve this, we will harness all of our cutting-edge research capabilities, all the manufacturing skill behind our reliable, high-quality products, and all our sales knowhow which forever sees us respond to market needs. In the future, just as in the present, we will continue to provide lithium-ion batteries to customers across the world.

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