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Environment Policy

 Our workplace, in accordance with the fundamental environment policy of the GS Yuasa Group, shall seek to carry out its business activities (namely the design and manufacture of large lithium-ion batteries) whilst being precisely aware of the effects on the environment.
And based on following policy, we continually improve our environmental management system in order to achieve the intended results which include improvements of our environmental performance.

  1. We keep balance environmental conservation and our business activities as one of our most important tasks.
  2. We abide by all laws, ordinances, agreements, and regulations related to the environment, as well as other requirements agreed on by us. We also make voluntary management standards according to these as necessary to promote environmental conservation and prevent pollution.
  3. We execute environmental audits, so we maintain and promote environmental management system by means of voluntary management.
  4. We preferentially set environmental objectives related to the following items in the impact on the environment of our business activities.
    1. Design and development of environmentally-friendly large lithium-ion batteries
    2. Reduction of CO2 by means of saving energy (electricity and gas)
    3. Reduce, recycle, and proper treatment of waste
    4. Contributions to society via environmentally-related CSR
  5. In order to raise awareness of environmental issues, we will ensure that all employees receive training and relevant PR information. We will also require everyone working for us to demonstrate awareness and understanding of our environmental policy, and actively cooperate with it.

This environmental policy is informed to all employees and announced to our stakeholders.

ISO14001:・JIS Q14001:

July 1, 2019
Lithium Energy Japan
Environment Committee Chairman
Hironori Takamizo

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