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Lithium-ion Battery for EVs
   Lithium Energy Japan has lithium-ion battery "LEV50" which is based on GS Yuasa Group's state of the art technology and extensive experience in manufacturing large-scale industrial and small lithium-ion batteries.
 Its excellent performance is brought by our latest technologies and most suitable for EV applications, and can unfold widely for other applications for energy storage etc.
  •Higher energy density
•High specific power density
•Quick charge acceptance
Type LEV50 LEV50-4 LEV50-8
Nominal voltage(V) 3.75 15 (4 cells) 30 (8 cells)
Capacity(Ah) 50 50 50
Dimensions(mm) Width 171 194 388
Thickness 44 116 116
Height 111 177 177
Mass(kg) 1.65 7.4 14.8
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