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  4. Disclaimer

    1. The Company publish information with great care. But it does not mean to guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, certainty of the contents provided on our website. The Company does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of contents.
    2. Data and other information on the Company's website might be changed or discontinued without notice.
  5. Links

    1. Links from the Company's website to third-party websites
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    2. Links from third-party websites to the Company's website

      People who use the Company's website will be assumed to have consented to "Notes on linking to our website" described later, and to use "https://www.lithiumenergy.jp/" for the Link with clearly indication of "this is the website of Lithium Energy Japan".

      Notes on linking to our website

      1. The Company accepts no responsibility for damage that might be incurred by the use of data from its website.
      2. Nobody shall use the Company's logo for link to the Company's website without our prior consent of the Company. Please only use the text.
      3. The links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.
        • the websites that contain contents that are offensive to public order and morals such as demeaning, profane acts and remarks, or social ethics.
        • the websites that contain contents that may insult, defame, threaten, damage credit, or threaten our company or a third party
        • the websites contain or possibly contain that violates or may infringe copyright, intellectual property rights such as trademark right, property, privacy or portrait rights and other rights of the Company or third-party.
        • the websites that contain other illegal or possibly illegal.
        • the websites that is unclear that the link destination is the Company's website, such as the user cannot confirm our URL.
      4. The Company may release the link immediately, in case of the Company deems inappropriate or requests to release the link.
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